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Superhero Info About: Boxing Up Your Bakery Brand with Custom Packaging

Bakery Boxes and Labels

A big challenge that many bakeries face is building a brand that can extend past the local clientele. But expanding beyond what would otherwise be a limited customer base is possible with custom bakery boxes and custom bakery labels. Use them in the following ways to strengthen brand recognition.

Bakery Boxes and Labels

Bakery Packaging Options

Getting People through the Door

Draw the attention of those who live outside the local neighborhood by using door hangers that have space for a logo, photos, and text, either on one side or both. Tear-off coupons are also great promotional pieces that attract people with exciting discounts.

Try leaving these two types of custom bakery labels at various locations for people to find them. For example, nearby hotels, florists and craft shops may let you leave them there. The branded items keep your bakery’s name fresh in the minds of potential customers who then visit your store out of curiosity.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

Once people buy your baked goods and other items, impress them with custom bakery boxes. Go an extra step too and put custom bakery labels on the boxes or other types of packaging. Doing so will leave a lasting impression on your customer, making them more likely to return. These custom bakery boxes and labels also instantly differentiate your product from competitors and give your brand a personality.

Showcase Your Brand

Bakery packaging products can do so much more than simply hold tasty treats. They can also be a great marketing vehicle, whether you choose custom bakery labels or boxes (or both. At Label America, we use only premium materials for hang tags, tear-off coupons, and other options, and we proudly manufacture each piece in the USA. We customize promotional items exactly how you want them to make your bakery brand a knockout. Customize your bakery labels today!