Superhero Info About: Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Additional Door Hanger Applications


Local Government/Municipalities

Governments and municipalities use door hangers to promote town meetings, upcoming events or volunteer opportunities such as road clean up days and county service interruptions like road closures.


Clubs like the Boy/Girl Scouts, American Legion, and many that more use door hangers to help increase membership. Local golf clubs frequently use these advertising tools to help promote all the activities that country club membership provides.

Political Campaigns

Door hangers are a fantastic way for local, state and national political groups to spread the word about a candidate or party’s platform. This exposure is very valuable, especially in local elections where there is less opportunity to get to know the local candidates.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations use door hangers to make residents aware of local projects, meetings, fundraisers and more. Door hangers are a less intrusive way to find out if a family might be interested in joining a local congregation or volunteering in the community.