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Superhero Info About: New Trends in Premium Wine Packaging

Wine Boxes

Wine has always been a popular accompaniment with dinner, but wine sellers are beginning to see a trend with even more wine being consumed. Millennials are drinking more than their older counterparts ever have in the past. What was once a glass with dinner has turned into a bottle with dinner, and this trend has wine makers paying attention.


Candle and Wine Labels

Custom wine label design

Millennials often find out about new and trending wines via social media. Eye-catching labels get the attention of people’s online connections and followers. Whether the labels are classy or fun, standing out is an important part of getting noticed. This has many wine companies taking a closer look at how their products are packaged.


This year, ALDI is targeting the millennial, social media savvy crowd. In an effort to bring more awareness to their wines, they hired artist Timothy Goodman to design labels for them based on his artwork, which is usually found on much larger walls. The bold designs and bright colors are nothing like wine labels from the past, showcasing the trend in labeling.


Not to be outdone by bottles, boxed wine is also seeing a change in labeling. Trendy new designs and custom wine boxes are just right for many wine lovers. As wine popularity continues to grow, more premium options are gaining attention with labeling and companies may need to change and adjust their packaging to stand out. Bottles are no longer the only choice for wineries, much like there’s no longer one standard type of label.


For those consumers who love new and fun labeling but can’t find just the right product, there are options to print your own wine labels. These fully customizable labels are great for corporate events, trade shows, holidays, and any other special occasion.


Want to update your winery branding to increase sales? Consider the many benefits of premium labeling, such as personalization including photographs, personal messages, and the ability to design labels online. Bottles can also become keepsakes. Consumers can create a winning combination for wineries when they share their creations on social media with friends and family. To learn more, contact Label America for the perfect labels for your premium wines.