More Bakery Label Applications

Spice Labels

From cinnamon and cloves to ginger and ground nutmeg, a number of spices are used daily in bakeries. Clear, readable labels are essential to ensure recipes turn out correctly.

Display Labels

These can be used virtually anywhere in a bakery to alert customers to important information, such as special items and sales.

Recipe Labels

These labels are just as they sound; they offer instructions on how to prepare an item.

Flavor Labels

Is your item made with vanilla? Chocolate? Peanut butter? Flavor labels let customers know.

Variety Labels

Are your cookies oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or chocolate chunk? Variety labels — usually designed with eye-catching colors — make this information clear to customers.

Promotional Labels

Promotional stickers can also be highly useful in bakery settings, allowing you attract customers with sales, promotions, and specialty products. For example, these stickers may be used to show that a certain item is 50% off, or that certain baked goods are kosher. Other details — such as whether something is freshly baked, what time it came out of the oven, if there’s sugar added, and whether it’s gluten-free — can also be easily conveyed with promotional labels.

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At Label America, we offer bakery labels in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Circle, square, rectangle, and oval varieties are all available, in sizes ranging from ½ inch x 1 inch to 5 inches x 4 inches. Customers can choose from stock options — white gloss, white litho, silver foil, gold foil, or white BOPP. Lamination/coating (gloss and matte) options are also available, and adhesives can be either permanent or removable.

We make use of cutting-edge digital print technology to create highly customizable, reliable labeling products for a range of applications. To learn more about our bakery labeling capabilities, or to talk to an expert about your specific needs, please call us, email us, or chat with us today!

Bakery Labels

Essential for any delectable dessert is an equally sweet bakery label that helps brand your business and tout your treats.

Professional bakery labels are a necessity for a number of reasons but most importantly, they reassure consumers that your products carry a mark of quality. Offering valuable product information on these labels also helps foster customer loyalty and trust.

Custom bakery labels can be used to display your brand name and logo, provide descriptive product and ingredient information, give a delivery date, detail nutritional information, and list the name and address of the manufacturer — all while adding a pop of personality. They make great mailing and packaging labels as well. And with a huge range of customization options available, you can make your bakery labels look exactly the way you want.

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Common Applications for Bakery Labels

Packaging Labels

These can be used for a variety of applications, including behind-the-scenes production and marketing.

Inventory Labels

These help bakeries manage the supplies they have on hand.

Price Labels

Price labels, often designed with highly visible, eye-popping colors, convey the cost of an item.

Shop Labels

Often manufactured in bright, attractive colors, shop labels typically give the name of the business and show what it offers. They often include a graphic.

Ingredients Labels

Whether your bakery is large or small, you’ll probably need to include an ingredient list on your packaging to inform consumers of what they’re eating and address any allergy or dietary concerns. Ingredients are listed in descending weight order; the order of the list is based on weight, not volume.



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