Other Custom Label Applications

Made in America Labels

The name speaks for itself. These labels carry the inscription “Made in America,” or something similar, and can be used in a number of ways. Usually paired with a U.S. flag, they are useful for attracting consumers who are interested in supporting American-based manufacturers.

Barcode Labels

These can be used for various applications, from materials management to inventory organization. Offering digitized efficiency, they allow for the seamless transition of products from warehouse to customer. And thanks to their quick electronic product-recognition and inventor-location capabilities, barcoded labels can also be used for packaging and delivery services.

Packaging Labels

Packaging labels offer unique marketing and branding opportunities; for instance, businesses can include their company name and phone number in the tape used to pack shipping boxes. These labels provide many unique opportunities to circulate a company name.

Safety Labels

Safety labels play a critical role in communicating safety and hazard information for various products and machinery. Designed to meet OSHA and other standards, these labels aim to protect workers and consumers.

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are frequently used on product packages by retailers and gift packages by consumers for delivering items, but can also be used in large warehouses for shipping finished products to their distributors.

Warning Labels

These labels are attached to an item in order to warn users about the risks associated with its use. Warning labels may also include use restrictions set forth by the manufacturer or seller.

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These are just a few examples of the many types of labels the team at Label America can customize for our clients. All of our products are proudly made in America, and we make use of the latest digital print technology to ensure we provide the highest-quality, most reliable products available. Curious to learn more about our capabilities, or ready to discuss your specific labeling needs with an expert? Request a quote today.

Custom Labels

Create custom labels for any application! Our affordable quality labels are printed in 5 days or less — upload your artwork or design online.

Custom labels provide an easy, cost-efficient way to boost company branding efforts and meet specific merchandising needs. Product stickers, for instance, give packaging and merchandise a professional, personalized look, while return address labels can add personality or a professional finish to business correspondence. Or, in a more directly practical vein, custom oil-change stickers can serve as useful reminders for vehicle maintenance.

Our custom labels come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be made to be waterproof or include lamination. Countless other customization options are also available to meet specific application needs.

Common Applications for Customizable Labels

Product Labels

These are often used for bottle labeling and promotional product labeling. Common uses include bath products, candles, food products, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.

Branding Labels

Not to be confused with product labels, branding labels can be used in various business areas, including production and marketing. They also allow for efficient marking of materials and inventory. Common examples of branding labels include hat and clothing labels, price labels, package labels, stationary labels, and gear labels.

Logo Labels

Logo labels are just as they sound: They’re emblazoned with a company’s logo and colors to reinforce the brand. Like brand labels, they can be used for hat and clothing labels, price labels, package labels, stationary labels, and gear labels — basically on anything you want to use to promote your company’s logo.

Mailing Labels

Event invitations make frequent use of mailing labels, but they’re also popular for everyday mail. These labels are commonly used on save-the-date cards and thank-you notes as well.



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