More Industrial Label Applications


Create custom Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and Global Harmonization System (GHS) labels for identifying chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Chemical Labels

Does your company use secondary containers for industrial strength cleaners or solvents? Use our online label designer to create custom labels to place on chemical bottles, sprayers, and other containers.

Warning Labels

There are all sorts of hazards in industrial settings. Keep your employees and other visitors to your facility safe by clearly marking equipment and other dangers.

Barcode & Scanner Labels

Barcode and scanner labels are used to track products and equipment, as well as control inventory. Companies may wish to track valuable devices, for instance, when employees use them offsite.

ID Labels

ID labels can be used for many applications, including security and customer service. These allow for the creation of easily recognizable employee and staff IDs.

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Our labels are extremely versatile, allowing for use in a huge range of industrial settings. Other common industrial custom label types include:

  • Cable and wire labels
  • Circuit board and electronic labels
  • Security, property, and asset tags
  • Warehouse bin, rack, and storage labels
  • Factory and machinery labels
  • Construction tool and equipment labels
  • Pallet, carton, and drum labels
  • And other warning/hazard labels used in conjunction with SDS and MSDS

Industrial labels come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. At Label America, we offer circle, square, rectangle, and oval labels, in sizes ranging from ½ inch x 1 inch to 5 inches x 4 inches. Clients can choose from our many stock options — white gloss, white litho, silver foil, gold foil, and white BOPP. Lamination/coating (gloss or matte) options are also offered, and adhesives can be made to be permanent or removable.

Making use of the most cutting-edge digital print technology, Label America is proud to serve a wide range of industrial label needs. All items are made in the USA, and we donate 2% of every order to the Autism Society of North Carolina.

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Industrial Labels

Our custom industrial labels and decals are specifically designed for harsh industrial and commercial environments.

They can easily adhere to items such as electronics, machinery, warehouse bins, barrels, floors, storage racks, and corrugated surfaces. More specifically, industrial labels are essential for inventory systems, security tracking, data and asset management, and overall consumer awareness. Other uses include maintenance instructions, price tags, and ID labels.

Because they serve such varied workplaces, industrial labels must be durable and engineered for long life spans; these specialized labels and decals are made with sturdy, high-tech materials that function well both indoors and outdoors, as they’re typically designed to be waterproof. Common materials include polyester, plastic, vinyl, polyimide, and other high-performance options.

Industrial labels offer many unique features, including resistance to chemicals and solvents, resistance to extreme temperatures, and high-strength bonding capabilities. They’re made with abrasion- and tearproof materials and coatings, and allow for minimal reflectance for barcode systems and serializing. Their superior color clarity and image accuracy ensure all information is easy to understand. Industrial labels also allow for unlimited die cuts.

Common Applications for Industrial Labels

Inventory Labels

These labels help companies keep track of parts, tools, and machinery.

Maintenance Labels

Maintenance labels are intended to catch the attention of staff, displaying vital information for keeping equipment properly calibrated and working efficiently. Preventive maintenance labels, for instance, may alert workers to necessary upkeep instructions and schedules.

Security Labels

Security labels and stickers serve as anti-tamper seals for doors, file cabinets, windows, boxes, machinery, and various industrial containers.

Parts Labels

These help manage parts inventory, allowing for a faster, streamlined process.

Product Labels

These labels are used to display important product information. Although some products may have just one label, they typically have a number of labels outlining specific item information.



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