Additional Label Applications

Promotional Labels

Clear labels used on marketing materials make for an upscale, distinctive look.

Mailing Labels

Transparent labels on correspondence give envelopes and stationery a professional, polished, and modern appearance.


Affixing a clear label to CDs and DVDs allows for an unobstructed view of the cover art.

Return Address Labels

These can dress up the outside of an envelope and are ideal for mass mailings.

Organizational Labels

These transparent labels allow users to easily mark the items contained in see-through storage bins without masking the contents.

Special-Event Labels

Clear labels are ideal for crafting wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and thank-you notes.

Ordering Transparent Labels from Label America

Transparent labels come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Label America offers circle, square, rectangle, and oval shapes, in sizes ranging from ½ inch x 1 inch to 5 inches x 4 inches. Stock options include white gloss, white litho, silver foil, gold foil, and white BOPP, and different lamination/coating options (gloss or matte) are available. Adhesive can be permanent or removable. Both die cuts and butt cuts are offered; die-cut labels have round corners, while butt-cut labels are square cut.

At Label America, we can guide you through every step of the label selection process. Not only will you get expert help from our team, you’ll also receive a fair price estimate, as well as suggestions for improvements or alternations based on any samples you submit. We can also send free samples of our work, tailored to your specific application needs. To learn more, request a custom quote today.

Transparent Labels

Today, as many manufacturers opt for a modern, “no-label” look for their products, transparent, or clear, labels are becoming increasingly popular. Extremely versatile, transparent labels are also moisture-resistant, making them well-suited to food, beverage, and bath and body products. They’re also useful for mailing purposes, as they can add professional, unique touches to marketing materials, envelopes and packages, welcome kits, letters, and other correspondence.

These unique labels allow products to be visible through the label, creating a sleek, stylish effect. Available in both glossy and matte finishes, transparent labels blend effortlessly into the texture of many different types of materials and containers. White ink, also called white underprinting, can be printed onto transparent labels before printing other colors in order to make parts of the label appear opaque. This option grants more flexibility in design.

Clear film can also be a very cost-effective alternative to printing directly onto containers, achieving the same elegant effect with fewer needed technical processes.

Common Applications for Transparent Labels

Transparent labels can be custom-made to accommodate countless situations. Below are 10 of the most common uses and applications:

Product Labels

Transparent labels can be used to provide product information for many different items, such as wine and jars of honey.

Bath and Body Items

Transparent labels are often used on shampoos, conditioners, and body wash. Because these items are typically kept in the shower or around the bathtub, labels must be reliably moisture-resistant.


Clear labels on edible items allow consumers to still see the items and confirm their freshness — hopefully enticing a sale.


Transparent labels frequently appear on 2-liter containers and beer, wine, and water bottles.



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