Additional Labeling Advantages

Waterproof labels are also essential branding tools. Labels — and the logos on them — that remain readable even in tough environments are very good advertisements for a brand, and may entice shoppers to purchase more items in the future. This is especially important for products stored outside before they’re sold; labels that fall apart on the shelves simply won’t attract consumers.

Sometimes, having a waterproof label isn’t a choice; it’s the law. In the chemical manufacturing engineering industry, for example, companies must ensure the identifying labels on their products’ containers are durable enough to survive extreme conditions.

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Label America’s waterproof labels come in square, circle, rectangle, and oval shapes, with size options ranging from ½ inch x 1 inch to 5 inches x 4 inches. Stock choices include white gloss, white litho, silver foil, gold foil, and white BOPP, and lamination/coating options (gloss or matte) are offered. Adhesive can be either permanent or removable. We can handle orders from 250 to 10,000 pieces.

Label America has been providing companies with top-quality, American-made labels for over 30 years, and we’re proud to offer highly reliable waterproof options. Ready to discuss your specific application with an expert? Request a quote today.

Waterproof Labels

When labeling items that require high durability and moisture protection, or will be used primarily outdoors, waterproof labels are essential. Typically made of a polyester (white vinyl) material that resists tears, these versatile labels are used in a wide range of applications; they’re often found on various types of bottles, food containers, bath and beauty products, and other items that may be exposed to liquids, the elements, or heavy use.

In addition to offering superior durability, these labels feature a strong adhesive and allow all printed information and designs to remain legible, even when very wet. And since they come in both rolls and sheets, they’re able to be easily integrated into existing labeling processes.

Common Applications for Waterproof Labels

While waterproof labels have countless uses, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular applications below.

Food and Beverages

Waterproof labels are a must for products that go in and out of the refrigerator, freezer, or cooler in the summer. Wet hands and condensation will quickly ruin a label not made to handle these situations. Waterproof labels are also ideal for jams, jellies, sauces, and other products that come into contact with liquids, such as beer, wine, and, of course, water. These versatile labels can be made to be dishwasher-safe, allowing branded products to remain in great condition even after heavy use.

Bath and Body Products

Products used near the sink or in the bathtub or shower typically come with waterproof labels to prevent ink from running and staining the surface where the product sits. Plus, waterproof labels prevent the label from slipping off, which can leave the product unidentifiable and remove all traces of branding. Able to withstand heat from the shower, these unique labels also stand up against contact with soap during dishwashing and will not rub off on hands oily from lotion use.

Outdoor Items

Whether used in steamy, sunny environments or freezing, snowy settings, outdoor labels must be designed to withstand the elements; waterproof labels are made to last in all kinds of harsh conditions.



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