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Superhero Info About: How Reusable Tote Bags Benefit Retailers

Custom Tote Bags

As more people aim to decrease their environmental footprints and partake in “green” activities, we’re seeing more tote bags in shopping areas. These reusable bags reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfills, and can even save consumers money since some municipalities require people to pay for plastic.

But retailers also have something to gain by offering reusable tote bags. Below are some the benefits:

Greater Branding Exposure

branded tote bags

Branded tote bags

Every business owner knows how important it is to get your name out there – that’s why branded shopping bags are so popular in the first place.

But whereas typical paper or plastic shopping bags will likely only be carried around for one trip, custom tote bags can be used daily. This means that every time one of your customers goes shopping, they may use your branded tote bag to carry their items. Your company name and logo can travel as far as your customers do, which provides limitless exposure opportunities.

Shopper Incentives

Many stores will actually reward shoppers for using reusable tote bags to go shopping. Major brands such as Target and Whole Foods are among the growing list of companies that offer this type of promotion.

Incentives often vary by store, but usually include a discount, store points, or even gift cards to reward customers.

If you set up a reward program to thank customers for using your branded tote bags, they may be more likely to shop at your store in the future. And even without your own program, at least you know your bag can reward customers at other stores!

Reduced Costs for Single-Use Bags

If you set a policy that requires reusable tote bags rather than single use bags, you can eliminate the costs of plastic bags entirely. Even if you just offer the tote bags and reward their use, you should cut down on the cost of plastic alternatives, even if they’re still made available.

It may be a small savings at first, but over time as the program is expanded, you should start seeing greater results.

High Strength Material

For grocery stores, home improvement stores, and other retailers that sell heavy products, high strength tote bags have a major advantage. One gallon of milk or jug of laundry detergent will usually require two plastic bags, just to be safe. Nobody wants to clean up the mess if a bag breaks and spills the contents all over the floor.

Reusable tote bags are much more durable and can carry heavier loads. You won’t have to waste two bags on one item and hope that it holds until you make it to the car.

There’s no denying the utility of a reusable tote bag. For consumers, they provide convenience and dependability for just about any job. And for retailers and other organizations, they serve a number of roles including advertising, cost savings, and customer loyalty incentives. They can be customized with any combination of colors, styles, and prints, and can fit just about any branding campaign.

To learn more about our custom designed tote bags and other promotional items for your business, view our available templates or request a custom quote for your project.